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Where to Learn Cybersecurity For Beginners

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cybersecurity for beginners

If a formal cybersecurity for beginners or master’s degree isn’t the right fit for you, online cybersecurity courses are an alternative way to learn the skills you need to start working in this field. These short courses usually include practical exercises and labs as well as hands-on projects that simulate real-life scenarios. They can also introduce you to a variety of topics, including malware analysis, ethical hacking, and more.

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The most important thing for beginners to remember is that cybersecurity isn’t just about knowing the theory, it’s also about putting your knowledge into practice. That’s why many courses offer hands-on exercises and there are a lot of events, competitions, and internships you can take part in to hone your skills. These can be as simple as participating in a capture the flag event or as complex as a full-time internship.

Some of the top places to learn cybersecurity for beginners include Coursera, StationX, and Cybrary. These courses often have a flexible schedule and allow students to work at their own pace. However, some are more structured and have set times for lectures, labs, and exams. This can help you stick to a routine and be successful in your studies.

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