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What You Need to Know About Brazilian Waxing

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Brazilian waxing

If you’ve ever been an esthetician, or are in the process of becoming one, then you’ve likely had a client walk into your salon with some questions about Brazilian wax. While it’s totally up to each individual woman how she chooses to groom her down-there area, a lot of people find that Brazilian waxes help them feel more confident, comfortable, and free. This is why it’s important for both estheticians and clients to have a thorough understanding of what a Brazilian actually involves — so everyone can get the best, most informed results.

A Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Brazilian Waxing at Home

As far as avoiding painful waxes, the hair should be around a quarter of an inch long (it can even grow in shorter than that) for a smooth and successful wax. A good trim and a little bit of icing will help, as well as avoiding anything that can irritate the skin like tampons or rough sex for a few days after your wax (we know that sounds hard, but trust us on this one). Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever before and after is also a great idea.

It’s also not recommended to get a Brazilian while you’re pregnant, “because the genital area is already vulnerable to infection and the body doesn’t have as much resistance,” says Baxter. It’s also not a good idea for women with a rash or other skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, as waxing can aggravate those issues. Plus, if you’re on a hormonal pill such as Accutane, your immune system may be slightly compromised and the wax could cause more damage to sensitive skin.

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