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Types of Rehab Services in Manhattan NY

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Whether you have struggled with addiction to alcohol, opioids, drugs, or another substance, rehab services in Manhattan NY can help. There are many different types of rehab, including inpatient treatment, residential treatment and outpatient treatment. Each type offers unique benefits, but they all have the same goal – to treat the root cause of your addiction and provide you with a solid foundation for lifelong recovery.

What are the most common types of rehab?

Most levels of rehab feature a strict schedule with structured therapies, meals and activities geared towards recovery. This helps the client to fully focus on the recovery process and eliminate external triggers that may cause relapse or prevent long-term sobriety. The first step of most programs is medical detox, where the individual will experience the withdrawal symptoms from their drug or alcohol use under the supervision of a doctor.

Once the detox is complete, clients will start their recovery journey with individual and group therapy sessions. These sessions are designed to encourage a sense of community between individuals and to teach them new coping strategies for dealing with their addictions. During these sessions, the therapist will also address any underlying mental health conditions that may be contributing to the addiction.

Most programs offer a variety of outpatient services for people who are unable to commit to an inpatient or residential program. These programs can be a great option for those who are still working or have other responsibilities that they need to attend to while in recovery. These outpatient programs can include group or family therapy sessions, individual counseling and the Twelve Steps.

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