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The Rover Classic

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The rover classic is one of those iconic Land Rover models that are beloved by the world of car culture. They have the kind of boxy charm and angular attractiveness that will keep them in car enthusiasts’ good books forever.

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The first Range Rover was conceived and developed in 1967 by Spen King and Gordon Bashford, two men who had been working on Land Rover’s JET1 and T3 gas turbine experimental cars. The design was based on their idea of creating an off-roader that could be equally capable on-road, something that was missing from the Land Rover range at the time.

As part of the development process, King decided that coil spring suspension would be key to getting the most out of the Rover. This was because it would allow for a much greater amount of suspension travel, making it easier to tackle rough terrain.

A V8 engine was also suggested by King, as it was a relatively new design at the time and would offer a significant boost in torque and power. It was also around ninety kilograms lighter than the Rover’s old straight-six, which meant that the new vehicle was able to achieve a much better weight distribution.

The V8 perks up immediately on start-up, and there’s a lot of grunt to be found when you tick the throttle. Kingsley says it’s a perfect match for their customers, who aren’t usually interested in cars with too many foibles.

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