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Student Emergency Kits

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Best Student Emergency Kits  are a great way to ensure students have the supplies they need in case of an emergency or disaster during school hours. These kits provide a quick response to the needs of your students and can help keep them safe and secure in a lockdown situation.

Each Individual Student Emergency Kit includes a comprehensive first aid kit, water, food and more. These kits are designed for schools and based on recommendations from leading disaster response organizations. These kits are compact and easy to store in classrooms or any location where students or staff gather at a school.

“Preparing for the Unexpected: Essentials for Student Emergency Kits

We recommend you discuss with your students different emergency situations that could happen in their classroom such as a fire, an active shooter or an unexpected weather event. This will help them understand why they need a Student Emergency Kit so they can have the supplies they need to stay safe and comfortable.

When talking about the individual school emergency kits, be sure to point out the different types of first aid items that are included such as bandages, a first aid booklet, scissors and tweezers. Also, it is good to have personal wipes in an emergency kit such as the DUDE wipes (they are unscented, hypoallergenic, alcohol and paraben free) and a flashlight. We recommend the Dorcy 55 Lumen Flashlight because it is durable, inexpensive and easily fits into a student’s backpack. You may want to add a reflective vest for your student to wear on their walk to and from school.

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