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Should I Sell My Used Watch to Make Some Cash?

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sell my used watch

If you’re thinking about sell my used watch your used watch to make some cash, you have many options. The pre-owned watch business is booming and there are buyers and sellers from around the world. You may find a buyer on an online selling site, in an online forum or at your local jewelry store. If you want to get top dollar for your used watch, then you will likely want to sell it to a pre-owned vendor that has a reputation in the industry and is known for buying high quality watches.

Online sales sites like eBay and Chrono24 are popular for selling watches, but there are risks involved. These platforms typically charge listing fees and transactional processing fees that can significantly eat into the amount of money you will receive from the sale. Leaving out important details, poor photography or not promoting your listing to the right audience can result in your watch not being sold at all or going for much less than it should.

Where to Sell My Used Watch: Top Platforms and Places to Maximize Your Profit

Local jewelry stores and watch buyers are a better option than online sales sites, but there are still pitfalls when it comes to selling your timepieces. You’ll want to research the buyer thoroughly to ensure they’re reputable. The best way to do this is to search for them on Google, read their website and social media profiles. Then visit them in person and ask for a quote. A reputable watch buyer will inspect your timepiece and make an offer on the spot. They will often pay you via ACH or PayPal but some even offer a paper check in the mail.

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