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Exposure to RadonhjelpenØst can cause lung cancer. Short-term radon tests typically take two to seven days to complete. The test kit should be placed in the lowest level of the home and placed in a location where it cannot be disturbed. Care should be taken to follow instructions to avoid problems. After completing the test, it must be sealed and sent to a laboratory. Most test kits come with a mailing address and the cost of a radon analysis. Long-term tests may take weeks to complete and can result in an accurate estimate of the radiated level in your home.

How to Measure Radon in Your Home


In addition to determining the number of people who can be exposed to high radon levels, it’s also important to determine the concentration of the gas in the air. As a radioactive gas, radon has no stable isotopes. However, it’s possible to determine its concentration in air at any given time by measuring the number of transformations per cubic meter of air. It’s best to limit radon exposure to less than one part per million of the air you breathe.

Although there is no international standard for radon levels in buildings, the World Health Organization (WHO) promotes the implementation of national standards. In addition, the WHO also monitors radon concentrations to ensure that there are no deviations from these standards. A measurable amount of radon in the air is equivalent to one gamma ray, or 210 Picocuries per cubic meter. This means that a radon concentration is a concern in any building, and should be evaluated by a professional before a home is built.

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