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Potoo Bird Watching

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Potoo Bird Watching

The coolest bird in Central America is the Potoo Bird Watching  with its cryptic plumage, large gaping mouth and haunting calls. This nocturnal insectivore blends into its surroundings with shades of gray, brown and black. Their eyes are also incredibly specialized: they have owl-like lids that allow them to see with their eyes closed. You can find this unique feature in most photos of potoos, and also on their heads (look closely at the eye slits and you will notice tiny notches in each one).

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Potoos hunt from exposed perches during the night, where they wait for flying insects to come near. They then swoop down and catch them in their large mouths. Their long wings and tails help them maneuver as they fly through the forest canopy to intercept prey. These predators also have a good sense of smell: they can detect potential food on the ground from up to 500 feet away.

They have a distinctive alarm call that sounds like a soft waa-OO-uh. Potoos are also known for their camouflage, and they can adopt a freeze position that looks even more like a broken branch.

Potoos don’t build nests and instead lay a single egg on the edge of a stump or log, which serves as their “nest.” They are monogamous, and both parents help with incubation. These birds are not very common, and you likely won’t see them on every Costa Rica Birding tour you take. However, they are not endangered either, and the IUCN lists them as a species of Least Concern due to their wide distribution and large population.

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