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Lily Pad Lake Services

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Lily Pad Lake Services  Lake of The Woods

For those looking for a unique camping experience, try hiking the Lily Pad Lake trail. This popular out and back trail is located just outside of Silverthorn, Colorado. The trail climbs up the forested slopes of the western side of the Continental Divide to reach Lily Pad Lake. It offers great views of the Fryingpan River drainage and the surrounding alpine ridgelines.

 Lake of the Woods, Ontario

The Lily Pad Lake trailhead is located just south of the Buffalo Cabin Trailhead. This trailhead starts on a service road and gradually goes uphill. Eventually, you’ll come to a clearing that overlooks the lake. From here, you’ll find a log shelter and stone fire rings.

Lily Pad Lake Services – Lake of The Woods, Ontario is an oasis in the heart of the Lake of the Woods. This serene lake is home to some of the most beautiful water lilies, and it is a must-see for any nature lover. Lily Pad Lake I Oil Painting evokes the serenity of lake life. The scene depicts the cool colors of the water as sunlight and shadow spill across the lily pads. Both paintings are 100% oil paint on canvas.

Lily Pad Lake is accessible year-round by road. It is approximately 20 minutes from Kenora and ten minutes by boat. It is approximately one-third of an acre in size with 160 feet of deep water shoreline. It is located in a highly desirable area and has no neighbours to the west.

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