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How to Play Sports Relays

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Relays are a great way to help students build teamwork and cooperative learning skills. They can also help students learn about directions, time and speed. They work especially well for small groups and can be used during recess, summer day camp, or any other time a group is gathered together. Some require a bit of equipment, such as cones or beanbags; others do not. Some are a little messy, but most can be played indoors or outside. URL

Relay races can be fun and competitive, but remember that the purpose of this kind of race is to get exercise and have fun. If a student feels that he or she is not able to run the whole distance, then it might be more appropriate to break up the relay into walking, jogging and running intervals. This will make the activity much more enjoyable for everyone.

Relay Records: Celebrating Unforgettable Moments in Sports History

Leg 1 – the first leg of the relay is usually the fastest runner in the team. The runner should be capable of making good starts and of sprinting in curves.

Leg 2 – The selection of the second runner is often based on the ability to make a good start and to pass the baton efficiently in the curves. The runner should also be capable of running the straight and possessing sufficient speed endurance.

Leg 3 – the choice of the third leg is generally made on the basis of an athlete who is confident and reliable in receiving the baton, can run the bend well and has good speed endurance. The runner should also be capable of a strong finish.

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