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Getting the Most Out of Lighting Tower Hire

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When deciding whether to purchase or rent a lighting tower hire, contractors must weigh several factors, including job requirements, the cost of maintaining equipment, and lighting trends. Rental can be more affordable, especially for large, long-term projects, or if a company wants to avoid investing capital in an uncertain economic climate.

What are the three types of towers?

The size and weight of the lighting tower can also influence a contractor’s decision. A portable light tower will be more difficult to transport than a stationary model, but some rental companies can provide delivery and pick-up services for an additional fee. The location of a project site may also be a factor. Overnight construction work often requires light towers, but noise restrictions in residential areas could make it more difficult to use one.

Besides the size and weight of a light tower, other factors to consider include luminosity, run time, and power type. A brighter tower will be able to illuminate a larger area than a smaller one, and some models offer multiple settings that can adjust the brightness of the lights to suit different applications. Some light towers are powered by their own generators, allowing them to operate without an external source of power.


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