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Garden Rooms

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A garden room adds a new dimension to any outdoor space, offering an extra room in which to relax and pursue hobbies. It can be a home office, zen yoga studio, cosy dining area or lavish bar – the choice is endless.

What base do you need for a garden room?

The best Garden rooms are designed to be as practical as interior living spaces, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape while offering a level of weather protection and insulation. They also look good, and are often built in a style to complement the existing home and property.

A range of building materials are available to suit all tastes and budgets. Painted hardwoods are popular, and some companies use FSC certified timber to ensure that the wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Green oak-framed structures work well on historic properties, and can be left natural or treated with a protective stain to maintain their appearance for longer.

Consider how you will use your garden room before deciding on the design and layout. If you plan to use it as a dining or sitting room, for example, you will need rugs and table lamps, as well as comfortable sofas or chairs.

A garden room can serve as a retreat, too – a spot where you can escape to read or meditate in peace. If you have children, a garden room centered around a wildflower meadow or wildlife pond can provide a place for them to relax and unwind while enjoying nature and exploring their creative side.

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