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Below are the Love Experts. Let their wisdom equip you with the skills to have an optimal experience. For registrants of Underground Unattached only choose one (1) who resonates with you. Schedule your complimentary 25-min session using their calendar link prior to joining us.  Show up to the call ready to grow!

Kathleen Graham

Kathleen Graham // The Love Magnet Mentor (Women Only)

~Expert at turning smart successful single women into magnets for love.
~ On call you’ll learn the 3 Keys to Unlock Your Irresistible “Love Magnet Energy”
~ Discover how to activate your ability to successfully attract your soul’s true match while being fully authentic.

* Schedule 25-mins on: Kathleen’s Calendar

Laurie Davis // eFlirt Online Dating Expert

~ Featured in Good Morning America, New York Times, Men’s Health, Elle, and 500+ more
~ Online dating and relationship expert; founder of the online dating concierge service, eFlirt
~ More than half of her former clients are in relationships after working with eFlirt
~ Learn how to turn your digital matches into meaningful in-person relationships

* Schedule 25-mins on: Laurie’s Calendar

Sarika Jain // Love + Relationship Mentor

Went from being dumped… to finding her husband within 90 days!
~ Creator of ‘Attract Love Now! 5 Steps to Finding ’The One’” system
~  50% of her clients are now in healthy relationships, and 86% are “happier than they’ve ever been”
~ On call you’ll discover a new, holistic way of dating and attracting ‘The One’ and learn a secret flirting tip that will make any man walk across a room to speak with you

* Schedule 25-mins on: Sarika’s Calender

Chelsea Trescott // The Breakup Coach

~ Focus on describing what you want to overcome, how you want to feel, and actionable ideas for how you can fear less and bring greater love and meaning into your life.
~ Reframe your breakup so the stories you tell others (and yourself!) are less pained, more understanding, and self-empowering. Every sob story can become a silver lining breakup.
~ Gain clarity surrounding who you need to be in order to attract and sustain the relationship you desire and are ready for next.

* Schedule 25-mins on: Chelsea’s Calendar

Steve Dean // Online Dating Expert

~ Online dating consultant, speaker, and digital matchmaker
~ Counsels people of all ages in dating, relationships, and personal development
~ Will help you maximize your potential for getting replies, going on memorable dates, meeting fascinating people, and building lasting relationships

* Schedule 25-mins on: Steve’s Calendar

Thomas Edwards

Thomas Edwards // The Professional Wingman

Featured in New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Wall Street Journal, Maxim and MTV
~ Premier social strategy consultancy for professional men looking to better their social skills and relationships with quality, compatible women
~ Innovative dating and lifestyle strategies
~ Gives women a guy’s perspectives

* Schedule 25-mins on: Thomas’s Calendar

Michel Bayan

Michel Bayan // The Relationship Coach

~ Understand the difference between love and partnership
~ Step out of the box and create a relationship that’s right for you based on your true nature
~ Take the heaviness out of online dating and actually enjoy the process!
~ Nobody’s perfect, so how can we bring a growth mindset to your dating?  What can your experiences teach you about you?