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Excel Efficiency Hacks

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Uncover a treasure trove of time-saving shortcuts to unleash the full potential of this power tool. From basic navigation to advanced formulas, these Excel efficiency hacks are sure to help you work faster and more efficiently. Check this out:

Sometimes when looking at a pile of values all you want to see is a quick average, total, or sum from your selected rows or columns. This is easily done with a simple click in the bottom bar of the most recent versions of Excel. Highlight any cells, and you will instantly get these statistics on the screen.

Mastering Excel Efficiency: Top 10 Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts

Another handy feature is the ability to remove duplicates from any selection (you can also do this by clicking the Data tab, and then selecting ‘Remove Duplicates’). This is especially useful when working with lists where there may be multiple entries of the same item e.g. names where there may be several Harry Potters.

This feature is incredibly handy when you have a formula in one cell that you want to copy across many other cells, but you don’t want to duplicate any hidden rows or columns in the process. Simply select the cell that has the formatting you want to share, and then press the ‘format painter’ icon in the top navigation (it looks like a little paintbrush). Then just click and drag across the other cells you want to apply the same format to.

This is one of those features that you probably never thought about until you use it, and then can’t live without it! It saves a lot of clicks and scrolling when you need to quickly get back to the edge of the sheet.

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