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Defendant Management Software

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Defendant Management Software

Defendant Management Software is designed to make managing criminal cases more efficient. It is a computer program used by courts and probation departments to keep track of defendants and their cases. It is a platform-based program, which allows you to customize its features according to your departmental workflow. Data on defendants is input only once, and is then presented in numerous forms. It also includes a calendaring system, which tracks multiple or repeated appointments for a defendant. This software allows you to query any data or event within the program.

What Is Legal Expense Management & Why Is It Important?

Defendant management software also helps you decide whether to release a defendant before trial. It helps you balance public safety and the right to equal treatment under the law. The Northpointe Pretrial module provides a library of Pretrial Assessments, which generates court reports and keeps track of the conditions of release. Additionally, Northpointe’s Risk Need Assessments automates risk assessment tools, which are integrated with case planning and criminogenic needs.

The Northpointe Pretrial module provides a library of pretrial assessments and court reports for pre-trial release. It also offers an extensive database of risk assessment tools, which help improve decision-making in custody and re-entry. The system also offers a robust reentry and criminogenic needs module. These features make it easy to manage a defendant’s case in a more efficient way.

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