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Choosing MUGA Pitch Contractors

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When you have a MUGA pitch constructed, it’s vital that the contractors you choose are well-qualified. This will ensure that your new facility is built on a sound sub base and that it meets all health & safety requirements.Source:

You can get different types of MUGA pitches, depending on the type of sport you want to play on it. 2G surfaces are short pile, sand-based synthetic grass which can be either needle punch, sand dressed or sand filled. 3G MUGA surfaces are longer pile, synthetic grass that is typically filled with sand and performance infill. They have shock-absorbing properties which make them more useful for football and rugby.

Case Studies: Success Stories with MUGA Pitch Contractors

An investment – A multi-use games area is perfect for school playgrounds, allowing pupils to enjoy their favourite sports in a safe environment without the worry of injury. It also helps to develop key physical skills and can help with promoting healthy lifestyles.

Low maintenance – All-weather MUGAs require less upkeep than actual grass pitches. This is because MUGAs do not need intensive procedures such as mowing, aerating, and trimming.

All-weather MUGAs can be used all year round, even in wet weather conditions, so they’re a great addition to schools that want to offer their pupils the opportunity to practice their sporting skills regardless of the season or weather. However, it’s important that the MUGA is inspected regularly to look for any damages or wear and tear. This will help to keep the surface in top condition and allow pupils to use it as often as possible.

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