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London Sleeve Tattoos

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  london sleeve tattoo There are many options for London sleeve tattoos. Besides the traditional portraits of a man or woman, you can also get a tattoo of your loved one. Such a sleeve tattoo can include a date of birth or death and realistic portraits of your loved ones. Other ideas include a matching mother and daughter tattoo, or a sister tattoo. The tattoo parlours at King's Cross Tattoo Studio are open seven days a week, and offer a free consultation. Most tattoos are scheduled by appointment. The artists at this tattoo parlour are well-versed in classical and neo-traditional designs. They can also produce Picasso-style pieces. The renowned artists working at the studio include Sergio Terrakiu and Carou Chiarellie. London is home to many talented tattoo artists, and a good choice is a tattoo by one of them. If you want an animal sleeve, you should consider getting one from one of the renowned animal tattoo artists in the city. You can also visit Sang Bleu Tattoo Studio in Dalston for an exceptional tattoo experience. This studio features tattoo artists from around the world, and they also have studios in LA and Zurich. You can choose from many different designs at this studio, including tattoo designs in bright colours. Tattoo prices in London vary based on the location and type of design. You can request an estimate based on the size and style of the tattoo and other factors. The placement of the tattoo will also affect its price.