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Black Velcro Straps

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black velcro straps

Black Velcro Straps

Secure a wide variety of cables, cords and wires with these black velcro straps. These reusable hook-and-loop fasteners stick to themselves for reliable hold, and can be cut to length with ease. Designed for all bundling and organizational needs, these strong and durable ties come in a convenient roll and are available in multiple colors and sizes.

VELCRO(r) Brand All Purpose Self-Grip black velcro straps are ideal for bundling and organizing wires, cords, tools, equipment and more! These low profile straps are soft enough to use on cable and plants but strong enough to provide a firm grip. Supplied on a 25m roll with a hook on one side and loop on the other.

Guide to Choosing the Right Velcro Retaining Straps for Your Needs: Factors to Consider When Shopping for Equipment

These black VELCRO(r) Brand ONE-WRAP(r) self-gripping fasteners are a unique back-to-back fastening system. The patented hook and loop fasteners wrap around objects to be bundled or controlled, then the remaining strap tip attaches back onto itself for a neat and secure closure without buckles or hardware.

Black VELCRO(r) Brand cinch straps are an easy way to bundle and secure long wires and cables that need to be hidden from view. These velcro straps have an ultrasonically welded cinch ring that allows them to be cinched closed before they’re attached, making them perfect for a wide variety of applications.

These reusable interlocking die-cut straps or ties are an excellent alternative to one tie use “zip ties” that only last for a limited time. They are also better than using a proprietary solution that requires you to buy specialized connectors or other expensive hardware for each wire run. VELCRO(r) brand qwik ties are easy to install and replace, allowing you to reposition them hundreds of times.

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