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Bar Counter Mats

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bar counter mats

A bar counter mats  is a piece of rubber or towelling material that is placed under a bar to protect the counter top from beer and other beverage spills as well as soak up drips from glasses. They are also useful in keeping the area dry and clean and can be a nice decorative touch to the bars decor. They are available in many different styles and can be embroidered with a logo or other text to promote a bar or brewery.

Cloth bar mats are a common type of mat. Often called bar runners they are a thin rubber base with a cloth top, normally polyester wicking fabric which helps to soak up liquid. These are good value and can be easily washed and replaced when they become saturated. They are also very easy to hang up to dry. These types of bar mats are great for a home bar and are often embroidered with a funny slogan or bar rules such as “Happy Hour” or the union jack flag design.

From Countertop to Conversation Starter: The Role of Bar Counter Mats in Branding

Molded bar mats are a more premium style of mat. Using multi colored polyvinyl, they are molded into custom shapes and sizes. They are textured for traction and containment borders to keep spills within the mat, off the counter and away from the bar. They can be embroidered with a logo for an extra charge and come in 9 standard sizes.

Finally there are the bling bar mats, these are black fibre over a thin rubber mat and have a neon message such as your bars name for added effect. These are very attractive and will definitely get your customers attention.

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