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ARCannabis – Same Day Weed Delivery in Richmond, Virginia

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In Virginia, you can buy weed delivery richmond | GetGreen legally by becoming a medical marijuana patient and getting a referral. If you don’t want to go through that process, you can get recreational weed by “gifting.” That means giving someone a cannabis product at a retail store and then picking it up yourself (usually in as little as an hour).

Can you order weed in Vancouver?

The illegal weed market in Virginia is flourishing even though the state has legalized possession but not sale. New Frontier Data, which studies cannabis consumption, projects that $2.4 billion worth of marijuana will be sold in the state this year and most of it will be sold illegally. Unlike many other states, Virginia does not have a regulatory framework for these illicit sales. Police and prosecutors have not cracked down on delivery services, and Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Colette McEachin said she was unaware of them.

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