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African Tribal Tattoos

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African tribal tattoos are a common way to display your heritage and proudly represent your country. These designs often feature sun motifs or bold zig-zag lines. They can be incredibly unique and make an impressive impression on others. There are many different designs to choose from, and the color you choose will depend on the design you choose.

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Giraffe – One of the most well-known African animals, the giraffe tattoo symbolizes strength, patience, and a sense of peace. While this design may look intimidating, it’s actually a good way to convey your own unique identity. This tattoo is a symbol of ambition and strength, and can be the perfect way to make a style statement.

Camels – The ancient tribes of Africa used camels as a mode of transportation, so they are often used to represent spiritual protection. They are also symbolic of persistence and abundance. They are also common on women. African tribal tattoos can be worn on any part of the body. While most of them are symbolic, some are decorative and can even be worn under sleeveless dresses.

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