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A Guide to Fitted and Slim Fit Shirts

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A well-fitting dress shirt is one of the keys to a good look. Unlike suits, where an excellent fit can often be achieved through alteration, a dress shirt requires special care from the outset. In most cases, the best way to ensure a great fit is to opt for made-to-measure or bespoke options. In the case of the latter, a skilled shirt maker will measure and create a pattern for each individual customer. This allows for precise customization to a specific body type, but it also means that an experienced shirtmaker can help guide customers in their style choices. Go here tailored fit shirts –

For those who are interested in trying the bespoke process, but not ready to invest in a Savile Row-worthy experience, many of the top brands in the world offer made-to-measure options. These companies are less expensive than a true bespoke shirt and still provide the quality of the material, design, and fit that a top-notch tailor would.

Refined Style: Unveiling the Charisma of Tailored Fit Shirts for Men

Slim fit shirts, which are available from many of these brands, are designed to mimic the fit of a tailored dress shirt. They feature a flattering fit by gentling tapering at the waist and shoulders. They’re also designed to cater to a wider audience than tailored shirts, which are typically targeted at a more narrow market.

For those looking for a shirt with a bit more edge, Netherlands-based Suit Supply offers a line of shirts that go beyond classic tailoring. Their flash patterns, colors, and cutaway collars add a fashion-forward element to the professional dress shirt. Meanwhile, the American company Hugh and Crye has a more laid-back approach with a variety of work utility shirts in premium fabrics that could be worn in a business casual setting.

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