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Helium Canister Hire

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Helium canister hire can make balloons look extra special at birthday parties, weddings or grand openings. However, the cost of a helium tank can add up quickly for a busy party decorator. If you're looking for an affordable solution, consider helium canister hire. A helium tank includes the gas to fill up balloons, but it also requires a regulator to connect to your inflator. A regulator has a gauge that indicates how much helium is left in the tank and it also has one or two filler valves to attach your nozzle to. Most rental stores include the regulator in their helium tank hire. You can also rent a helium tank wall mount and a stand to keep the cylinder safe in the upright position.

Float Your Decorations: Helium Canister Hire Tips

Be sure to read the instructions on the cylinder before using it it. It's important to close the cylinder valve when you stop inflating and remove the nozzle before transporting the tank. Helium expands as it warms, so it's a good idea to store your tank in a cool place. Also, don't leave the cylinder nozzle attached when not in use - it's dangerous to inhale directly from the tank and could cause death by asphyxiation. If you're going to rent a helium tank from a local party supply store, ask if they require a deposit. Also, find out whether the deposit is refundable when you return the tank. Finally, be sure to return the helium canister on time. Most stores charge a fee for late returns.