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Posts published in “Day: March 16, 2024

Fire Rated Roller Shutter

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Fire rated roller shutter protect buildings by compartmentalizing fires and holding them within a small area. They also protect the people inside the building by preventing toxic gases and smoke from spreading. Depending on your individual business needs and the existing regulations of your specific establishment, you will need to choose a shutter that has a high enough fire resistance rating to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Typically made of double skin, with rockwool or other fire-retardant material as infill between the two layers, our fire shutters are tested to the highest standards and can be provided with a fire rating between 30 minutes and 240 minutes. They can be operated manually or connected to your fire alarm system for automatic operation.

Investing in Fire Rated Roller Shutters: Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Suitable for commercial and industrial premises, warehouses, factories and kitchens, our fire shutters are tested to the latest standards and can be supplied with either single phase tubular motor or inline motor (three-phase option available). They can also be supplied with manual chain override and fusible link, and come in various colours and finishes. We are proud to offer a full range of fire-rated shutters designed to meet the specifications, building regulations and insurance requirements of your facility. UL-certified, they are manufactured to the highest standards and can be integrated into your fire alarm systems for automatic activation in the event of an emergency.